Choosing which college or university to go to is tough. From staying local to relocating elsewhere in the country, how do young adults make the right decision for them? The Gen asks education providers across the UK to join us in listing themselves centrally. This helps you to find all the UK's education providers in one place, so when the time comes to choose your further or higher education provider, you're armed with all the information at your fingertips, including what other support is available to you regionally.

95 e-learning courses on Health and Safety, Food Safety, Business Skills and Health & Social Care

Posted: 28/09/2020

Type: Business

We have courses covering Health and Safety, Food Safety, Business Skills, Health & Social Care, and much more. ​ You...

Marketing Skills & Marketing Leadership

Posted: 25/09/2020

Type: Business

Wherever you are in your career, the most important investment you will make is in your own development.  Basic marketing...

Liberate yourself with effective Time Habits

Posted: 22/05/2020

Type: Business

There are many ways that you can tackle your Time Thieves and liberate your time. - Improve your scheduling to...

Alliance Learning

Posted: 13/11/2018

Type: Business