Rochdale entrepreneur praises team after award ‘honour’

Rochdale entrepreneur praises team after award ‘honour’

Rochdale entrepreneur praises team after award ‘honour’

Posted: 17/07/2020

Rochdale entrepreneur Danny Simpson has credited his team after reaching the final of the IoD North West & IoM Director of the Year Awards.

The CEO of MID Communications missed out on winning the Director of the Year Award in the Small Medium Business category at the flagship Institute of Directors awards but said he was honoured to make the 13-strong shortlist. 

He said: “I enjoy seeing other people succeed more than myself. Our role as a leader is to create more leaders and give others a hand-up.

“It was a brilliant awards ceremony, even if they had to be held virtually because of Covid-19 and the rules on social distancing.

“It was great that people joined from their homes and offices but I think it was really important that they took part, as it is important to celebrate the talent and quality of leadership we have here in the North West.”

The awards highlight the significant contribution business leaders can make to society and the economic prosperity the region.

Danny said: “I said before the event that the nomination was as much about my fantastic team at MID Communications as it was about me.

“I am lucky to be surrounded by great people in our business and I am grateful for the leaders who nominated me and put me forward of this award.”

He said he was overwhelmed by all the messages of support he got from his hometown of Rochdale.

“It was also nice to get so many messages of support from Rochdale’s business community and from across the North West region that we operate in,” he said. “I class myself as a very fortunate individual to work with, share with, and support across our region.

“For obvious reasons 2020 has been, and continues to be, a challenging year and events like the IoD North West & IoM Director of the Year Awards are an opportunity to celebrate excellent leadership and resilience, which is a must have for all leaders today along with emotional intelligence, both don’t come easy and take time to craft.

“Although they were held virtually there was a lot of activity on Twitter and it was great to see us trending nationally as well as locally. Although I didn’t win, the bonus was I didn’t have far to go to get home afterwards!”

also see what Danny had to say just after the awards:

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