Morts Astley Heritage Trust

Morts Astley Heritage Trust

Morts Astley Heritage Trust

Posted: 26/01/2021

Being an active part of our community is important to everyone at GLD.

Our office is in Dam House, a heritage building in Astley, near Wigan in north west England.

Until 1994, Dam House was known as Astley Hospital. The North West Regional Health Authority had intentions to sell the property to the highest bidder however the residents of Astley had other ideas. They formed the Morts Astley Heritage Trust (MAHT) with the aim of retaining access to the space and preserving the historic building.

MAHT devised a plan to protect Dam House. The plan also included ways to improve the grounds, develop local services, generate income, provide employment, educate and create a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy.

This is one of the mains reasons that Laura Dunlop, founder and director at GLD, decided to use this space to operate her business. She does her best to give back in any way that she can.