KJ Fire's Eastern Adventure

KJ Fire's Eastern Adventure

KJ Fire's Eastern Adventure

Posted: 16/09/2020

Another day venturing into the unknown. What is life really like once we cross our Mancunion borders into the other side? Our engineer Jack is here to find out as he crosses the country through the shadowlands to Hull.

With our network extending beyond the North West, Jack journeyed into the deepest Humberside this week as we prepared for a new light installation with our lovely customers at Emmanuel House. Once again Jack was prepared and willing to see the strange but wonderful sights that his journey across the Pennines would hold. He was shocked once again to witness the peculiar and lonesome Stott-Hall Farm, a sight that must be witnessed to be believed. This farm stands alone between the two carriageways of the motorway and provides a magnificent spectacle to break up the long drive.

Outwards and eastwards to Hull we went. As always the looming Humber Bridge rose from the horizon. For those looking to brave a trip to San Francisco to see the famed Golden Gate Bridge, look no further. The Humber Bridge is quite a landmark- when it was opened in 1981 it was the longest suspension bridge in the world and looks remarkably like its American counterpart.

Once Jack arrived on site it was all engines running. Emmanuel House in Hull is a lovely care home with a large premises located on open grounds. New emergency lights were required. Jack installed these making sure that they were all running correctly and safety tested them as well while on site. These emergency lights are automatic, acting as regular lights at night while switching off during the daytime. Emmanuel House were incredibly satisfied with the work, and this is what we aim for.

Another day and another adventure. Stay tuned to find out what else await us outside of the beautiful North West.