In The Hive With Steven

In The Hive With Steven

In The Hive With Steven

Posted: 22/07/2021

Today we’re speaking with our Head of Tech, Steven, who has recently celebrated 1 year with Beeta. Steven has grown to be an invaluable member of the team with his remarkable knowledge and skills. Heading up the development team, he works in tangent with our internal and external specialists on a range of complex solutions for our clients, including development, infrastructure, architecture, etc. Stevens wide-ranging experience and insight upholds the standard of the services Beeta provide and he’s always on board to cover our office playlist needs!  

To celebrate Steven’s work-a-versary, we thought we’d introduce you properly – keep reading to hear about chatbots, Star Wars and an unsuspecting fun fact.  

What has been your greatest career achievement over the past year?  

I mostly enjoy projects in which I can lead our team of dedicated developers and testers – amazing, highly skilled people with the experience and knowledge to make a positive difference to our clients and their customers. We always strive to deliver beyond expectations, and it fills me with pride when the team’s efforts are recognised. 

What’s one piece of tech you’d like to see become reality in your lifetime? 

As a Star Wars fan, having a personal spaceship would make the daily commute interesting but I would rather see the Star Trek Food Replicator be invented if being able to “3D print” food on demand could end world starvation.  

What’s been the biggest learning curve in your career today? 

Software development is in a constant state of change as programming languages evolve and new techniques, frameworks and processes are developed and popularised. To stay current requires dedication to lifelong learning and it’s a persistent challenge. There’s always something new and exciting to discover and unfamiliar concepts to understand. 

For example, the work we have done with Beebot, a custom chatbot that utilises Artificial Intelligence for Natural Language Processing, has been one of our greatest challenges and accomplishments. We feel a great sense of achievement that the chatbot interacts with users and can provide links to websites, display images, play videos and even process payments! 

What’s a fact most people don’t know about you? 

I am a black belt in Shukokai Karate.  

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