#FacesOfFostering George: The importance of male Foster Carers

#FacesOfFostering George: The importance of male Foster Carers

#FacesOfFostering George: The importance of male Foster Carers

Posted: 17/02/2021

I am keen on networking with other male foster carers with Caritas Care because I know how much I get out of fostering. It is good to have a chat with other men and share their perspectives.

We started to send emails to arrange get together’s regularly and had one meeting where 6 other male foster carers got together. That went really well, but it petered out, and then Coronavirus came. I hope we can get together more often once everything returns to some normality.

It is an excellent opportunity to have a brew or a pint together and share foster care thoughts. Sometimes it is easier as men to share our worries; what works and what does not work with each other. It was good speaking to other men chatting together in open, honest, and male conversations!

Caritas Care; respecting the differences of each of us and our unique skills.

I think that men bring a lot to fostering; I do not have biological children, but I have experience caring for children, and I love what these children have taught me. Our foster child plays each of us against each other, and I know that I am a soft touch, but I do not mind. It works, and for us both, that is what we all want for the children we care. The main reason why it works for us all is that we all have different strengths; men think differently, do things differently, and learn differently.

I have recently been ‘mentoring’ other men who have been enquiring into fostering either as people going through the process or wanting advice on how I do things from a man’s perspective. It is important to me, I know what the differences are, and if it helps people make that decision about fostering and clarifying the fostering role for men; then that is a good thing.  This recognition of difference defines Caritas Care. They respect differences and value unique skills to support children, and that is why Caritas Care is Outstanding. Ultimately, for us, it is why taking five months off to transfer over was the best decision ever.