#FacesOfFostering George on Fostering and Caritas Care

#FacesOfFostering George on Fostering and Caritas Care

#FacesOfFostering George on Fostering and Caritas Care

Posted: 17/03/2021

George and Anne Marie approved as foster carers ten years ago, and George reflects that some of the children they cared for had not had an easy start in life. Some children had been difficult; George reflects on one boy who ‘was troubled’ and stayed with them for a while.

‘When the kids were with us, Social Media wasn’t massive at the time, not like it is today. So, we were surprised one day when this lad found us on WhatsApp, and we started a conversation which often was reminiscing about his memories from when he stayed with us. We arranged to meet him for a catch up in Blackpool and take him out for some lunch, it was near Christmas time, so we took him a present, and it was lovely to see him again. The boy told us that he was now working full time in a garage and was cleaning one of the cars, when his boss said to me, ‘My word, you’re doing a good job of cleaning that car!’. I was surprised when he told me that his reply was, ‘I remember cleaning my Uncle George’s car when I stayed with him.’ I thought that was lovely; he also told Ann Marie that he was sorry to hear of her Dad’s passing a few years ago. He had read about this on her Social media post and said, ‘I remember your Dad, he always used to whistle.’ This memory made Ann Marie smile to know that he remembered her Dad in such a lovely way; it was comforting. He was positive about his stay with us, which made me feel so good; I was proud of him and proud of us for making such a positive influence in his life’.

Since being approved, we have cared for seven foster children, and the most extended length of time we have cared for any child is four years and she is still with us now.

‘The support for us all is amazing’

‘I love the support we have from Caritas Care; nothing is ever too much trouble for them. The support they give us is second to none, and we can call them any time of the day and get help if we need it. This support is there because Caritas Care has taken the time to get to know us; this is a good thing because it has strengthened our relationship. The relationship with Steph, our Social worker, is vital.

Rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Special thanks to Verve Recruitment for their support in helping us find more foster carer for more children.