5 minutes with... Vik

5 minutes with... Vik

5 minutes with... Vik

Posted: 30/09/2020

Five Minutes with…. Viktoria Gudmundsdottir, Trainee Engineer at GLD Technical Consulting.

“Before I joined GLD I thought I was the only woman who wanted to learn CAD!”

What were you doing before you discovered GLD?

I studied digital design for fashion at university – computers are used extensively across the industry from design to communication. I used CAD to produce complex patterned textiles and minute design details and enjoyed using the technology but did not like the culture of the industry.

A family contact in the automobile industry persuaded me to utilise my interest in AutoCAD outside of fashion and I joined a profiling and metal processing company rather than a French design house.

How long have you been at GLD?

I’ve been here for two years now. I joined as a trainee CAD Technician and I support Chief Executive Laura and Senior Design Engineer Phil in their client projects – and they support me as I learn new software packages which let GLD plan the M&E for new builds and retrofits. For example, I am currently using Dialux to calculate the brightness of the proposed lighting of a new build.

What makes you happy about your role?

There’s so much to learn about mechanical and electrical engineering and I feel well-supported by the team in doing this. Also – I’m developing my expertise in Revit – something I’ve wanted to do since I started in the industry. 

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

Hitting deadlines – we work as part of a wider team and our clients know they can trust us.  

It’s quite unusual to be a female engineer – what has your experience been like building your career?

Before I joined GLD I thought I was the only woman who wanted to learn CAD. Clearly with Laura heading our practice this is not the case! I was surprised about how easily I adapted into the role being that it is an unusual career for a female.

My mantra regarding learning about new technologies is ‘always say yes.’ There’s a lot to learn and I love a challenge!